Dollar Rings
an origami project

Dollar RingHi! This is Chris, ready to show you how to make a dollar ring. It's tricky to make, but well worth the effort. The final product looks so cool that you'll probably start a new trend in your class, just like I did. Every kid in our Managing Stan Club has a dollar ring. 

I hope you and your friends have as much fun wearing dollar rings as we do!


Note: anytime you fold, make sure to crease it well!

1. Start with a crisp dollar bill. A rumpled one will work, but crisp is much better.

2. Turn the dollar bill George Washington side down.

3. Notice the dollar bill has a white margin on the bottom. Fold it under -- toward George Washington.

4. Now turn the dollar bill over so George Washington shows. Fold the top part lengthwise toward the bottom part, but make it not perfectly in half. You need a little bit at the bottom.

5. Now take the top half and fold it completely to the bottom. (Go in the same direction as your other fold.)

6. Flip the dollar bill over so the ONE DOLLAR is on the bottom front. You should have the one symbol on either side. 

7. Fold the left part up so that E DOLLAR shows. You get sort of an L shape when you fold it up this way.

8. Very important! Get this right! 

Flip the E DOLLAR over the short part of the L. make sure you get it straight so that the short part of the L is all one straight line.


9. Now turn it over so that DOLLAR is upside down.

10. Put your finger over the short part of the L.

11. Pick it up and wrap the long part of the L around your finger until you have two almost equal sides at right angles to each other.
12. Fold the part that is along your finger over the other part directly toward your fingernail. You should have a ONE showing.  

13. Take the ring off. Look inside and find the flap.

14. Tuck the top part into the flap on the inside of the ring. You might need to lift the flap a little to help tuck it in. Make sure you hold inside of the ring from the bottom, though, or the whole thing could fall apart.
15. Now hold the ring so that the part still sticking out is on top. You should have a white margin at the top. Fold it toward you.

16. Then fold the whole thing over so ONE DOLLAR shows on top. It should be directly in the middle.

17. Next, fold the margin over and tuck it into the opposite side of the ring.

18. Now you have a dollar ring! The one dollar should be at the top. You can stretch out the ring a little so that it will fit you better.

19. Congratulations! Wear your dollar ring with pride.


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